Wave Native - a distinct Kiwi-inspired surf brand

Wave Native is a young surf clothing brand, inspired by our New Zealand heritage and build on the principles of ethical manufacturing. We stock a range of surf apparel including surf hoodies and surf tees, with the range continuing being added to.

 Wave Native was founded Paul, by a Kiwi living in the UK. Paul grew up a stone’s throw away from the beach in New Zealand, and started surfing in his early teens. By the time he reached his late 30s, he’d decided that 10 years “off the surfboard” and away from the sea was way too long. With a young family of potential surfing gromits, he also wanted to make sure his family could experience the pleasure surfing gave him. So, over a few beers with fellow founder Simon, Wave Native was born.

At the heart of the Wave Native brand is the purity of surfing; that for those who surf, surfing becomes a part of their natural being, so to be a true Wave Native is to be "born of the sea."

Our slogan "In the surf we're all one tribe" is our core philosophy because we believe that surfing transcends all arbitrary borders of race, class and age and brings people together as one tribe with one aim - to catch the ultimate wave. All surfers, whatever board they ride, share one common experience - that when they're on a wave, for those few moments, the whole world disappears.

 Getting in Touch

You can email the Wave Native customer services team at customerservice@wavenative.com,
Telephone us on +44 (0)7886 786321 (Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 17.00)