Jo blogs: Native Walkabouts

July 2010, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

With just a coulpe of days to go before the U.S Open at Huntington Beach, and little to no swell, it seemed only right that a skateboard mission be undertaken. With a brand new board from Rugged Roots to play around with, (when faced with this view), the car park seemed the safest option. Arizona is dry, very dry, so on the Tequila front, Silver Patron was in good supply throughout said mission. A few frozen Margaritas ‘Jo Style’ (as my heavy handed approach is now being called) kept the world smiling. Back in Newport, the Pro’s are in town and 54th street should be littered with them. Plenty of events to keep them all occupied and a recent ASP ratings climb by the incredible Jordy Smith means that this year, Kelly Slater’s epic run won’t be such a foregone conclusion. Last years U.S Open event saw the need for tow-ins during the finals – but with no swell as yet, that looks to be a one time only show. I shall be peddling myself and camera equipment to Huntington this week, looking forward to some interesting results! For more info on some rather nice boards made by an unlikely source check out